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Free Range Eggs

We are an ethical, genuine and truly honest free range farm based in Northland


The Good Eggs free range farm is located in the rural village of Poroti tucked away in the beautiful winterless North. It is a picturesque, volcanic farm with established native trees, lush grass and rich soils.

Our free range egg farm has been planned and designed for the ultimate in hen health and wellbeing.  We have built top of the range hen housing with natural light and plenty of room along with secure fencing, and the freedom to forage around the farm as they please.

Happy HENS

The welfare of our hens is paramount to us.  Research suggests that a healthy hen that is truly free range and fed top shelf food will lay a more nutritious and better tasting egg.  We really enjoy and value our ‘hands on’ approach to farming; spending time with our hens is what we love!